Juremi Foundation


I am one of the Beneficiaries of Juremi Skill acquisition and vocational training, at Karonmajiji. I am so happy for what Juremi foundation is doing for us in our communities, they give us hope they tell us that we deserve to have a dream they make our children’s future bright.

When they came to our community they asked us if we want to learn soap making, or ICT, Music or Tailoring, I asked them how much we will pay to register? The lady told me that it is free, I almost didn’t believe they said that a man called Juremi want to train us and help us, after they trained, they gave us Computers those who chose Tailoring, they gave sewing machines. I believe that Juremi foundation has helped people of our community, like me I have been able to start a business.

Rabi Mustapha

Business Woman and Beneficiary of Juremi Livelihood and Skill

acquisition training at Karonmajiji Community.

The first time I came to Juremi fdn, I felt like I was part of something big, I was introduced by my friend, I enjoyed the outreach program and the vision behind the process, which is providing equal opportunities for children, women and elderly person, everyone was so kind and welcoming. The people whom we visited were very happy  to see us. I like the fact that volunteers also have opportunities to learn, gain experience in different areas, and utilise their skills properly.

Doris Samuel

Volunteer; Juremi Foundation

Joining Juremi fdn exposed me to a whole new experience that I had not known, it made me see the beauty of Humanitarian service; being able to help someone to be better off in life is one of the most beautiful achievements anyone can have, and that is what is done. At Juremi fdn we believe in empowering the less privileged so that they can be able to empower others, changing the narrative and belief system especially for persons with disabilities because if you believe you can become anything strongly enough, you’ll achieve it.

Eleanor Okoroma

Assistant Program Officer, Juremi foundation

I am so grateful for the opportunity to join Juremi fdn, It is an NGO that truly works for the upliftment and betterment of society with its vision of providing opportunities for children vulnerable persons with disabilities in our society without barrier, I wish them the best of luck.

Grace Adai

Volunteer of Juremi Foundation

I am passionate about  Humanitarian service, I love meeting people and enjoy new experiences, I particularly enjoyed the courtesy visits and advocacy visits to different organisations and even the Ministry of Humanitarian affairs, during the needs accessment conducted, I got to learn how to mobilize people in a community, met with them and spoke with them one on one, It was amazing. I want to commend Juremi fdn on the good work they are doing,  I wish them all the best.

Emmanuel Ozah Ben

Volunteer of Juremi Foundation

It has been a great privilege being part of the volunteering force of Juremi fdn. They’ve really touched/impacted lives in the positive direction. It gladens my heart when light is being beamed on the lives and see joy on the faces of the less privileged, PWDs, Orphanages, the needy, the aged. Thank you Juremi Foundation.

Asuquo Douglas U.

Volunteer of Juremi Foundation